Soil Stabilisers

ISS 2500 Ionic Soil Stabiliser


This introduction is not intended as a detailed explanation but merely serves to give a fundamental understanding of ISS and the effect it has on a large number of soil types.

ISS 2500 is an electrochemical clay soil stabiliser suitable for improving marginal or substandard materials or soils for use in the construction of roads. ISS is suitable for use in both the construction of sealed pavement structures or for improvement in the performance of un-surfaced roadways. The addition of ISS to a suitable material improves compacted densities and bearing capacities and enables the constructed layer to maintain these increased densities under wet conditions.

On unsurfaced roadways these improved densities and consistent year round performance result in a reduction of material loss from the road surface retarding the formation of associated defects, potholes, corrugations etc. Overall required maintenance is also reduced while treatment will not affect normal gravel road maintenance procedures.

The use of ISS requires no specialised machinery and is supplied in concentrated liquid form using standard water bowser with spray bar to apply diluted solutions to the area under constructiuon.

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sasbindSasbind is a uniquely formulated water based emulsion of modified acrylic polymers suitable for the binding and stabilisation of layers for use in construction of al types of roads. Sasbind provides a strong gluing and waterproofing action on soil particles and is suitable for application to a wide variety of soil types. The addition of Sasbind will also improve the wet weather performance of soils and gravel roads.

Sasbind is best applied as a mix-in treatment during construction but is also suitable for application to the surface of already constructed roads requiring dust palliatation or erosion protection.

The application of Sasbind does not require any specialised equipment for application and a standard water bowser is suitable for product application.

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dustexDustex gravel preserver and dust palliative is a uniquely formulated lignin-based product available in both liquid and powder form. With the ability to penetrate almost any standard compacted road surface, Dustex produces a well bonded smooth hard surface with good abrasion resistant characteristics.

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