LBS Asphalt


LBS Asphalt (labour based road repair and surfacing)  is a cold asphalt formulated mixture of inert fillers, bitumen extenders and binder enhancers designed to be blended with selected aggregates and water based bituminous emulsion in the manufacture of asphalt for general road surfacing and repair. LBS is designed as a labour intensive alternative to traditional machine laid asphalt that maximises labour input whilst still complying with the technical specifications for asphalt design.

LBS Asphalt Applications

  • Rural and residential roads
  • Road maintenance and repair
  • Labour intensive road construction
  • Poverty relief programmes

Advantages of LBS Alphalt

  • Self-priming
  • No heating required
  • Mix design conforms to South African TRH8
  • Exceeds design criteria for E4 classification of roads (TRH8)
  • Easy application – no specialised equipment necessary
  • Ideally suited to labour based construction
  • Minimal disruption to traffic
  • Cost effective – 80% of the final mix is sourced locally thereby reducing transport costs significantly

Environmental Impact of using LBS Asphalt

LBS is environmentally friendly, it has no long-term adverse impact on the environment and is safe to handle. It is non-toxic and non-hazardous.


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LBS Asphalt Feasibility Study PDF upon request – Contact Us